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Drum Channel provides an archive of video lessons by professional drummers. You can gain direct access and feedback from the pros in live sessions, which run weekly, as well as bringing your week’s practice together with an end-of-week lesson. 

The key selling point for Drum Channel is that they employ pro drummers to deliver their lessons. Rather than taking lessons from drumming teachers, this gives the site and classes a more raw feel, as though you’re getting advice from people who really have experienced life as “a drummer” rather than a teacher. Of course, this could come with potential risks: drummers aren’t necessarily automatically good teachers, but thankfully the team seem to surpass expectations.

Getting tips from pros could make all the difference, particularly if you’re already playing the drums. After all, it might be a slight waste of time for them to answer very basic questions from absolute beginners, when they have a wealth of knowledge to share with their viewers. As such, we feel that DrumChannel is probably a bit better suited to intermediate or advanced drummers.

The site offers over 800 video lessons which full members can access at any time. These are high quality and the teaching styles generally appealed to us as the pros really know what they’re talking about and are clearly passionate about their subject.

Aside from video archives, you also have access to live content. This is staggered through the week, starting with a live lesson on Monday, some secrets from the pros on Tuesday, a live session with question and answer sessions on Wednesdays, then a full lesson on the Thursday. With this method, you can make sure you’ve been practicing during the week, on the build up to the full lesson at the end. With some practice at the weekend, you’re then ready for the next week’s broadcasts.

As you can imagine, keeping up with the lessons is somewhat intense (since you have to view classes 4 times a week) but it’s not a big deal if you need to miss any; you can simply try to catch up with the final class or wait until the following week.

Since the broadcasts are structured in this way, there’s no particular thread running from start to finish, and the guest artists usually talk about whatever they prefer. However, you can ask any questions you have in the live Q&A, receiving top feedback. If you need some advice on your technique, you can also receive this in a live chat, which is a great way to have personalized support. 

The lack of a structured course, combined with the use of pros rather than trained drum tutors, means that DrumChannel.com might not be ideal for beginners. However, these weaknesses become strengths when working with intermediate or advanced students. If you’re already playing drums but want to boost your skills with professional advice and regular live lessons, all for a very affordable price, we definitely recommend checking out Drum Channel.

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