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FreeDrumLessons.com supports drummers with an archive of free video lessons, regular live sessions and updates. You can search for particular styles or techniques, and some teachers provide substantial supporting notes so that you can better understand and implement their lessons. DVD sets are also available for Successful Drumming and Drumming system, should you wish to have a structured course to keep at home.

There are plenty of lessons to explore on this site, all of which (or at least all the ones we tried) are free to access. Classes cover lessons for beginners, intermediates and advanced drummers, although finding the appropriate classes for absolute beginners can take a little time. Since the lessons aren’t necessarily put into any kind of chronology, it helps to know your basics before beginning. That said, it is possible, with effort, to find the start lessons. If you visit the “free series” pages, you can register for a free series which is better suited to total beginners.

Members can leave comments on the lesson page, which is really quite useful because it gives you some idea of how successful the lesson is and whether it will suit your playing level and style. You can also share your tips if you were successful with a lesson which others are struggling with. It was good to see so many comments on lessons as this clearly indicates that people use the site regularly and that they enjoy it enough to return.

There are approximately two hundred lessons for beginners, and a great variety for intermediate and advanced players. This isn’t as substantial as some Teach Yourself Drums websites, but considering this is all free, we can hardly grumble. The video and lesson quality is somewhat variable at times, because you don’t always have the same tutor. However, this can also be a bonus because it means that you don’t have to stick with a single tutor if you don’t like their videos.

Additional materials and features are really lacking on FreeDrumLessons.com. This is unfortunate because it would be handy to have a few extras. There is no song archive, for example, which means that you’ll have to locate music elsewhere if you want to put what you’ve learned into practice. Some tutors may use animations to discuss the music but this is rare from the videos we watched.

Free Drum Lessons also offers a free PDF booklet and practice routine generator, as well as a newsletter. Signing up for the newsletter is a good way to get the latest updates and receive notifications of new lessons. 

With a little more organization and a few extra free tools, Free Drum Lessons would be something pretty special. At the moment, it’s still a really handy resource for anyone who doesn’t have the money for drum lessons, and it will prove useful if you’re struggling with a particular technique (as you can search for lessons directly related to that). We feel that you probably won’t get everything you need from using FreeDrumLessons exclusively, but it would be a great back up resource when used in conjunction with another site. 

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