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Learn And Master Drums Review

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Learn and Master drums is a complete course for drummers in the early stages of their career. It covers a lot of styles, with detailed explanations of techniques. Its lessons are well designed, with a learning arc which runs through the course, taking you through all the drumming basics and developing your existing skills.

The lessons arrive on 12 DVD’s so you can watch them in any device with a DVD player. Having a copy is also handy because it means you don’t need to hurry because of impending membership fees. You own the whole course, so can dip in and out as you please, making this suitable for busy people who want to learn drums.

Lessons are clear and passionately delivered by Dan Sherrill, an experienced percussionist. He covers everything from holding sticks and controlling your pedals, to more advanced techniques in jazz playing. The DVD’s also come with a range of play-along tunes on CD, so you can easily switch between listening and playing. These run alongside each other, with songs chosen based on the lessons you’ve learned in each class, so it’s not random.

A book is also provided with this course, supporting your learning. This includes notation, diagrams and further explanations, plus materials to help you practice. Combining these three key resources, you should have plenty to help you to develop your drumming techniques.

LearnAndMaster.com provides plenty of support through its online student area and instant messenger help. The student forums provide a space to share thoughts and ideas, ask questions and generally meet other students who are interested in playing the drums. Whilst these aren’t as busy as we’ve seen elsewhere, you should be able to get feedback, or you can chat to the site’s team using the IM feature.

Learn and Master pride themselves on offering high quality products and services. This is apparent with Learn and Master Drums, and we feel that the course offers a solid foundation in drumming to suit your progression into intermediate techniques. Indeed, you can find support for intermediate players here, with lessons on how to improve your reading accuracy and speed, how to shuffle and play with brushes, and more. Advanced players, however, will find this system too basic for their needs and will probably prefer to look elsewhere.

This is an affordable course and they also offer a 60 day money back guarantee if you're not satisfied. Whilst it’s not the cheapest around, you also don’t have membership fees to pay, and you get to keep the resources. That means it’s particularly suited to anyone who feels they need a bit more time to learn, since membership fees can soon add up on other sites. A potential drawback of Learn And Master Drums is that it doesn’t offer much in the way of online materials. It would be useful to have regular updates, new lessons and access to tools which help drummers. If you’re looking for those particular features, you will need to look elsewhere. However, if you’re interested in a comprehensive drum playing course for beginners and intermediates, Learn and Master might have everything you need. 

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