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DrumLessons.com is primarily a free resource which allows all members to explore a vast range of drumming lessons. Videos come with supporting notes from the tutor, so you can easily read over their information if you’re not sure what they meant. You can also purchase courses on DVD or download Drumeo Edge to receive a new lesson each day.

Considering Drum Lessons allows you to access content for free, there are a surprising number of video lessons available. Lessons aren’t brief mumblings, either. Some of them last around an hour, including live sessions which can be accessed through the site’s archive. Whether you’re a total beginner or a professional drummer, you ought to be able to find lessons which appeal here.

That said, we noticed that some beginners were a little confused by lessons. This is partly due to the fact that there’s often no particular order in which to view the lessons and you can easily get lost among a world of interesting-sounding beginner classes. 

The fact that members can comment on videos is a good feature, though. This means you can share tips and answers, ask others what they thought and generally get a good idea of how successful a lesson is. 

DrumLessons.com covers everything from how to hold your sticks, to reading notation or practicing your rudiments. A brief count in the beginner’s area showed us that there were around 200 free lessons for beginners, with similar numbers in the intermediate and advanced sections. There’s certainly no shortage of lessons to try out, and you can perform a search to find something very particular if you’re looking for help with a certain issue.

Videos vary in quality and usefulness. The best teachers are clear, with lots of useful notes. Some of them also include animations which show you which notes to play. The live sessions tend to be less structured in some senses, or at least they don’t offer the same degree of support through additional materials. This isn’t surprising, though, since the classes are live (and therefore maybe they can’t show you animations).

If you’re interested in a particular drummer then you can read about them in the drummer bios section. There’s also a free practice routine generator and a PDF book which you can download for no fee. The site is relatively lacking in additional features, however.

Signing up for the DrumLessons newsletter is a good idea because it means you’ll receive notifications when new lessons are uploaded, plus general tips and advice on equipment, new techniques, events and more. You can also join online communities and follow the site on Facebook and Youtube if you wish to keep up to date with their latest exploits.

DrumLessons is a great free resource for drummers. Whilst it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles (or features) of some websites, there’s plenty of really useful, professional content which will be useful to most drummers. They also support their members with regular updates and links to other resources. There’s no pressure to buy any of the items in the store. Although it could be a bit better organized at times, spending some time exploring the site will help you to navigate around more easily. DrumLessons.com may not have everything you need, but it’s an invaluable addition to any drummer’s catalog of resources. 

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