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Virtual Drumming Review

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Virtual Drumming is an online tool for learning about drum kits and building beats. Users can choose which kit to try, then use their keyboard to play beats. They can also find out about different drumming styles, download a free app and take part in competitions.

Before you get carried away, it’s important to note that this site doesn’t really teach you to play drums in a conventional way (such as having a video tutor and lots of sheet music). It’s more suited towards trying out virtual kits, choosing those which are appropriate for a particular piece of music, and then trying them out online so you can get your rhythm and sound correct.

The drum games available allow you to choose a variety of kits and set ups. They include rock drum sets, metal, jazz, fusion and original. From there, corresponding keys on your keyboard will play particular notes on the drums and cymbals. This allows you a sandbox approach to drumming, where you can simply work out the best sounds for a piece of music. 

VirtualDrumming.com’s drum machine pages allows you to easily create patterns and beats on particular sets, then click “play” to hear them. This is a simple way of testing out beats without a kit in front of you, whilst allowing you to switch sounds from Bobham to Bland, Bonham to Collins and many more.

There are also lessons to try when you’re at a real drum kit. You can view notes and play along, with different exercises to help develop particular skills. For example, you can practice better stick and foot control, basic rock coordination, Latin jazz, a range of beans, grooves, and techniques for snare playing. If you do have a real drum kit, this is probably the most useful section of the website, since it allows you to actually play along. However, there’s not any explanation of the lessons or what you’re meant to do, so you simply have to play along as a practice.

Drum sheet music is also available as free PDF’s, although these are very limited in comparison with other websites, and you won’t find many songs to try out. The exercise sheets could be useful, however. 

The VirtualDrumming app looks more impressive than the website, with the ability to tap out a beat using a touch screen. You can also alter the drum, volume and more, so it feels a bit more like actual drumming.

Although Virtual Drumming has a few tools which you can use with a drum kit, such as sheet music and limited lessons, it doesn’t really teach you a great deal. More so, it’s useful as a tool for generating and testing beats if you don’t have the drums with you. It also allows you to hear various drum kits which you might otherwise not have access to.

VirtualDrumming is a bit of fun, with tools which can help you to develop beats. However, it’s limited when it comes to learning drums. As a tool for improving rhythm and picking sounds, it’s worth exploring. You won’t learn drums by using this site on its own, however, so we recommend combining it with at least one other Teach Yourself Drumming website.

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