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Drummer 101 Review

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Drummer101.com is a simple site with drumming lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced players. It offers a range of video lessons from Kevin Prince, who has been teaching the drums for over a decade. 

This is a simple site which is easy to navigate. Simply select your level (beginner, intermediate or advanced) and then pick a lesson which you like the sound of. The rudiments lessons teach a range of important techniques which are the building blocks of drumming. These should be practiced regularly so that you can approach other lessons with some confidence.

There are 39 lessons for beginners, starting with the absolute basics, such as knowing the names of the parts of your drum set, tuning drums, how to hold sticks and more. These lessons vary in length but are generally very short (around 5 minutes). There’s a lot of theory and advice on particular beats, but not a great deal when it comes to playing along to songs.

This lack of music is a general criticism of the site. Whilst there is plenty of decent conceptual, when it comes to more practical areas, it’s lacking. You will probably need to visit another site if you wish to put your lessons into practice, which is a bit disappointing.

Choosing to view this site as a series of conceptual lessons is probably for the best, though you can view sheet music to continue your lesson on your own. If you can’t read sheet music, however, you’ll struggle. It’s therefore surprising that Drummer101’s notation reading lesson is so brief, because so many other lessons rely on your ability to read the music.

Once you’ve completed the beginner videos, there are 31 intermediate and 26 advanced videos to take on. They’re much in the same vein as the beginner classes, although the lessons require more skill, knowledge and drumming competency.

The live lessons are a fairly unique feature to this site. You can arrange to be online in order to join in a live lesson with the tutor, which is a chance to gain some instant feedback or ask a question. These don’t run each day and you may want to check what time they’re being broadcast, since the time might be inappropriate if you don’t live in the US.

The free 7 day trial is a generous offer, allowing you to explore the site in full and try out as many lessons as you like. Unfortunately, there’s not a great deal to the site, especially for around $15 per month. There are no apps, no additional resources, no links to sites which might be handy, no blog or forum. The list continues. Really, it’s all about watching the video lessons, and once you’ve done that there’s not much reason to return.

If you give the 7 day trial a go and enjoy the classes, it may be worth signing up to complete the course and take part in the live lessons. However, it’s so simple to sign up for the 7 day free trial that it would be simple enough just to use another email address and continue with unlimited access without paying a cent. That seems something of an oversight on Drummer101’s behalf, but it’s certainly no bad thing for money stricken students. 

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