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Drumeo Review

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Drumeo is a comprehensive drumming system which offers online monthly full-access membership, or offline pack options so you can purchase DVD copies of classes. The site offers over 1000 hours of online lessons, plus thousands of songs and copies of sheet music, a vibrant online community of international drummers, more than 60 world-class drumming tutors and more.

The really useful thing about Drumeo Edge is that it combines lessons with tools and support. We really got the feeling that you could get help whenever you were stuck or needed device, whether it was from one of the 60 tutors or from a fellow student.

All course plans are developed by tutors, bespoke to your needs. This means you’re not just following a generic series of lessons which might not apply to your particular preferences; rather you will have a tailored course which works to improve on your weaknesses. 

There are more than 1000 hours of online lessons to choose from. This might become confusing, but thankfully Drumeo.com clearly understand their members and what they need. You can easily organize lessons, marking them as “to do” if you’d rather try them later. When you complete a lesson, you can add it to a “complete” or “favorite” list depending on whether you’d like to revisit it again in the future. These notes are all logged, and you can quickly access your playing history and arrange lessons based on their completion stage. This is a really useful way to track how many lessons you’re getting through, as well as the kind of courses you’ve been trying out.

There are courses designed for particular reasons. For example, if you’re absolutely new to drumming, you can find a course which will introduce you to the true basics such as how to hold a stick, how to sit, how to arrange drums and more. If you fancy learning something a bit more complex, jazz patterns for example, there are courses which will do that too. 

Lessons are provided on video, delivering high quality visual and audio. This really helps to get a clear idea of what’s being played, plus the tutors do a good job of explaining lessons at the appropriate level. Therefore if you’re an advanced player, you won’t be slowed down by simplistic and overly detailed descriptions of basic practices which you’ve known for years.

  Drumeo’s teachers are world-class drummers with years of experience, having been endorsed by some of the top drum bands in the world.  

Sales periods run throughout the year, offering discounts on membership. You also get freebies (drum sticks, a t-shirt and a drum key) depending on the length of your contract. There are a limited number of lifetime contracts, too, offering unlimited access forever, for around $1000.

Extra tools are provided to help you develop your core skills such as speed and accuracy. For example, you can access an interactive metronome which will increase its speed, helping you to learn to play faster. You can also access a wide range of background music loops to play along to, or train your natural rhythm with a tool which removes notation part way through a loop. 

There’s a bounty of songs to play along to, so you should never be bored if you want to simply play along to some tracks. Thousands of PDF’s are also provided, offering sheet music which you can download and print if you wish. Blank sheets are also provided, which you can fill in for yourself if you’re writing songs or beats.

If you’d rather purchase a DVD course than pay for unlimited online access, this is possible. Prices vary depending on the courses you wish to own, offering large price cuts in sales. These take you from the very basics to more expert sessions, some courses focusing on particular musical styles such as Jazz, Latin or Moeller. Single DVD’s can be purchased for as little as $5, with large box sets costing considerably more.

Drumeo’s teachers are world-class drummers with years of experience, having been endorsed by some of the top drum bands in the world. You can check out biographies if you’re like to know more about them. They can help you when in need, identifying areas where you could improve, and suggesting lessons to tackle. You can also access Drumeo.com to seek out community features. A lively forum area provides a useful space to meet other drummers, plus you can take part in regular collaborative projects to produce something really special.

We’re delighted to see that Drumeo now offer a full access 7-day free trial of Drumeo Edge. With this, you can find out if the services meet your requirements without having to pay for a monthly membership subscription. We’re pretty convinced that all styles and levels of drummer will find plenty to do here. The range of lessons and music is impressive, with regular new updates so you’ll never get bored or have nothing new to learn. With year-round sales and a great service overall, we recommend trying out Drumeo.com – never miss a beat!

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