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Drummer World offers a bounty of useful online resources for drummers. From video lessons to live performance archives, drumming history to discussion forums, there’s plenty for amateur and advanced drummers to explore.

There are three key features to this website: lessons, information and community. Combined, these three parts can help to improve your drumming and awareness of the drumming world. What’s more, this site is free to use, so won’t cost you a single cent unless you wish to make a donation.

Video lessons are often supported with some written detail. You can sometimes gain access to sheet music relevant to the lesson, or follow links to other lessons which might share similar themes. The video quality can vary, but is usually pretty good, and it’s interesting to see lessons from different tutors or drummers from all walks of life and time periods. 

The drum clinic is probably the best section of the site to visit if you wish to improve your drumming. Here, you can find written information and videos of drumming masters teaching you beats for songs, or simply lessons on how to improve your technique. There are quite a few resources to explore here, with new content being added regularly.

Aside from drum techniques, you can also find groove style videos, including jazz, rock, Latin, gospel, metal, shuffle, reggae and more. Transcriptions can also be found so that you can practice as often as you like. Play along tunes are made available so you can learn to play as part of a band or just for fun. In addition, the drum clinic also offers videos with advice and tips from a range of professional drummers.

If you’re interested in learning about the world of drumming, you can find plenty of information about famous drummers, including photos and links to videos, substantial biographical information, and tracks to listen to. Again, all of this is provided for free.

The site’s forums are busy and used regularly by members. These can provide a good space to share information, request assistance or to exchange resources. There’s also a page for sharing your work and any events that you’ll be playing at or attending in the future. If you’re looking to become part of an online community of drummers, this site has one of the busiest forum sections around, so it’s a great place to talk to like-minded people for free.

Whilst DrummerWorld.com isn’t the most attractive or best organized site around, and a lot of its content is a little old, it still has character. A focus on drumming history makes this feel like a genuine project to help people, rather than just a corporate exercise in money making. Everything is provided for free, too, and the site offers a lot of inspiration to get you passionate about drumming. It’s probably better suited to intermediate players rather than absolute beginners, since lessons aren’t necessarily organized into courses for beginners, but there’s something here for drummers of all levels.

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